The Artist and the Internet: Internet Marketing Platforms for Musicians and Their Music in Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

social networkThe music industry has changed dramatically in the past couple years. It has been a long journey for every kind of musician or artist that seeks solace in a profession in music. And for the artist, some of these changes have affected their promotion of their music. Before, artists needed to seek refuge from the shelters of the record labels. They gain access to the industry and showbiz. The label dictates them what to be and what to do. That way, they’ll be marketable. And what happens? They become part of a system that gains profit from the sales of records, merchandise and shows.

But in the turn of the century, things have moved on from the clutches of the record labels to the hands of the artists. How is this so? The internet has provided the perfect platform for musicians to promote their music and get an audience in a grand scale. Several factors on the internet have constituted this kind of movement for artists.

The first one would have to be the rise of file sharing. Ever since Napster back in the early 2000’s users were able to access data such as mp3 files to another computer and share them all for free. Of course, this was also the time when the ethical grounds of free downloading were put on the table. Eventually with the birth of social media, artists have gained an opportunity to spearhead their works directly to their desired market. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube would be the big names that have created overnight stars for the world. But as this trend grew more and more to this present day, how can artists claim a spot on this big stage where every other artist is a competition?

A brief understanding of internet marketing and the platforms would be the best help. The best possible platform to immediately get the music out there would be Youtube. There have been millions of artists out there that have embedded their four to five minute videos on this site. But to strategically gain views, the artist should create music that is relevant to the times. One tip for this would be to have covers of popular songs. The next platform would be Facebook. With its millions of registered users the social media site is the biggest one to date. Starting with this, the artist can build a ‘like’ page for his or her profile. This should be strategically done as well. Making a catchy and exceptional name can efficiently boost the page’s chances of getting search engine results. Adding all other details – such as history, contacts, booking, talent manager, and more descriptions – can also help. Adding links, such as the Youtube videos, would be an addition for the traffic in Facebook.

The last one would be Twitter. So many users tweet some of the most mundane things about their days, which is why artists should utilize the social media to spread the word of their music. Tweets are short and sweet, which is why they are best used to disperse. The last step is to build around these and weave them together. Local shows can be promoted on the Facebook page, disseminated on twitter, and then, eventually be put on Youtube to be viewed by the world.

There are record labels that use search engine optimization services to boost their ranks, so artists must understand the wide platform of internet marketing to survive today. The internet is like an ocean where the artist can sail through the tides and find new lands for them to claim. Almost everything is in their hands, to control and to get in the scene. But now it is not enough that the artist arduously practices his or her craft with the hopes of getting noticed. As the times change the thinking of the musicians must also learn to adapt to these changes in this hyper-connected world.