Motivational Speaker 101: 5 Signs of Demotivation and 5 Things to Do with Them

A good motivational speaker will say that the reason for demotivation at work arises when factors begin to make them lose their drive about doing their work well. There are lots of reasons why an employee can get demotivated – lack of incentive, failure to be recognized, or lack of career growth. However, the most important thing to take note is the signs of being demotivated. Here are 5 signs to watch out for in the workplace:


Remember when you assumed your very first job? You were probably an hour early for your shift. If an employee comes to office later than usual or absenteeism happens more often, there is definitely something to watch out for. This means that the employee gives little or no regard to time and punctuality, and overlooks the fact that this may reflect his performance evaluation. If an employee doesn’t value what his boss will think, then this is a sign that he is willing to give up the position due to lack of motivation.

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Long breaks

Lunch or afternoon breaks taking longer than usual? There is something going on. This may imply that an employee would rather spend his time somewhere else, as a distraction.

Delivery of output taking longer than usual

If a deadline does not ring you anymore, this may imply a major drive problem. If an employee works on a deliverable longer than it usually takes, he may be doing it on purpose to avoid taking more tasks. An expert motivational speaker will think that this shows that he lacks motivation to be more productive at work, and may be doing it deliberately.

Lack of improvement

If the employee, even after being reprimanded, still doesn’t show any sign of improvement, this may imply that he has no plans of doing his job better.

Being too passive

Motivational SpeakersA good, motivated employee usually voices his opinions, provides input to the team and helps in improving the functions of the department he’s part of. If he lacks the drive to suggest and simply follows commands like a human corporate zombie, this means that he also lacks motivation at work.

Motivational speaker believes that signs are important especially in the early phase. Demotivation can happen to any employee, even to the best ones. Since it is costly to re-hire and re-hire more new employees, it is best to address these issues early on. These are all quite easy to notice, especially when the changes in the attitude are drastic. Now, as a team-leader, or even just as a co-worker, what can you do about this? Here are some handy methods to promote motivation at work in the most feasible ways:

Create an incentive based program

If employees can get incentives – either monetary, in form of extra leaves or even career growth, they can get motivated to do better at work. This is one of the most effective ways to ignite passion among employees because they are working towards a reward they can reap in the end.

Make sure to recognize the achievements

Give credit where credit is due. If employees get back what they deserve, they can get motivated to perform beyond what is expected from them. A recognition system promotes healthy competition, productivity and boost in the employee’s morale and self-esteem.

Discuss with them the reason behind demotivation

One of the most apparent reasons why people get demotivated at work is the lack of communication between the management and subordinates. An employee may fail to talk about his concerns due to the lack of avenue for proper communication. Discussing with the team can be a good way to develop performance.

Become a role model and endorse positivity

Try to refrain from being too pessimistic and bossy around the workplace. If there’s something that demotivates an employee instantly, it is definitely the ambience and vibe around the work environment. If everyone keep on ranting, saying bad things and beating deadlines from time to time, then it’s not impossible for everyone to get demotivated. Make sure to insert some ice breakers in between work shifts, encourage talking and try to have more fun, but in moderation, of course.

With proper pep talk from our professional motivational speaker and communication, it is possible to address signs of demotivation. Our speakers are skilled when it comes to motivating employees. They know how to handle their talks well to inspire your employees to do better. With our help, you can address the issues in your workplace and start motivating your employees to change for the better.

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