Golf Grips, Keeping You in Control of Your Game

A nice pair of basketball shoes enables a player to perform ankle-breaking crossover moves in the court. A racecar driver can easily steer the wheels with the ideal gloves and a reliable steering wheel grip. A tennis player can effortlessly swing the racket with a good handle grip in place. These are just some of the examples wherein you can see the importance of having a good grip in sports. Having a steady and firm grip helps a person to control the situation to his or her advantage.

The concept of having a good grip also applies in playing golf. Having your hands perfectly clasped on the club handle can greatly increase your accuracy and power in driving the ball, and that is why getting the most suitable golf grips for you is very essential. In this article, some general points about the importance of golf grips will be discussed so you can choose which type will suit you best.

A Good Golf Player Always Uses the Perfect Golf Grip for Him

The golf grip is just a small part of the club but serves a very big function in the performance of every golf player. Many golf players see golf grips as one of the main factors in delivering a perfectly smooth swing. On this note, putting a grip on your club would really be a good idea but you still need to make sure that it matches your playing style and comfort level.

The grips act as stabilizers so a player can hit the ball at the right part with just the right amount of force. Having a grip that is too soft for a player can result in slight arm movements while on the motion of swinging, causing lower accuracy in hitting the ball. On the other hand, a golf grip that is too hard for a player can cause more tension on the player’s hands and arms that can result to small “shakes” while swinging. Some golf grips may also feel rough to some players and some may feel too slippery. Getting the best grip for you will definitely boost your performance.

Perfect Golf Grip

Basic Things to Consider When Choosing a Golf Grip

Choosing the right grip is basically about personal preference. But what are the basic elements that need to be considered before finding the grip that would fit your playing style?

  1. Texture of the Material
    The texture of the grip surface will depend on the type of material used. You can select from the smoother materials up to the more detailed ones depending on your preference. Normally, softer surfaces are tackier than rough ones.
  2. Thickness of the Grip
    Not all hand sizes are the same so not every player can grip a single handle circumference size perfectly. Golf grips have different thickness and circumference so better choose one that is just perfect for your hand size. When choosing the thickness, you must also factor in your glove size because it will add to the overall thickness.
  3. Weather Adaptability
    It is inevitable to build moisture on the grip because of the weather condition and sweaty hands but it can be controlled. There are grips that are porous making it easier to disperse moisture.
  4. Recoil
    For every shot you make, a certain amount of force is sent back to your arms due to recoil and this puts stress in a player’s arms and hands. Selecting the right grip also means that you need to choose the one which send back the least amount of recoil without sacrificing power and accuracy.

Where to Purchase the Best Grips

Golf Grip There are a lot of places you can purchase these golf items. First is through the local sports shops where you can see and feel right away the item you would like to purchase. But not all have the time to go to malls or sports shops (or simply don’t want to for whatever reason), and that is why there is always the online shop to run to. One good online store you can check out is rockbottomgolf where you can purchase high quality golf equipments at very reasonable prices. This online shop even offers promos and discounts.

The big advantage of buying online is the elimination of the hassle of personally going to a shop because online stores deliver the products right into your doorstep.


Finding the right grip that will suit your playing style is not an “overnight” thing. Surely, you will have to go through a trial and error process first to get the best one, but this is actually how great players reached their current status. The grips are the key items to achieve the perfect swing but it is always the person who will use the grip that is the most important.