Is it Worth Including Infographics into Your Link Building Strategy?

Infographics is one of the many ways online marketers use today to build organic links. As a form of content, it is as effective as any text material published on the web. But there is just one primary drawback that often makes online marketers think twice about using it. That drawback is essentially the cost it takes to create and design a decent infographic. So, here comes the big question now: are infographics worth including on your link building strategy?

The Power of Infographics

The Power of InfographicsTo answer, yes, it is worth to use this form of content as part of your overall online marketing campaign. True, infographics may cost quite a lot. But given enough time, your infographics will have significant influence on your rankings as long as it is done the right way. After all, it is recognized as one the key ingredients of an effective and successful content marketing strategy. The information below demonstrates how.

A Good Alternative for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also deemed as a good link building tactic. However, this option is also one of the main problems that Google has to deal with to avoid link spamming in the past years. So, unless you would keep your links to a limit for every post and are willing to wait for slow results, your best alternative is using infographics.

Proven to Generate More Backlinks than Most Tactics

You can ask Neil Patel himself. As a form of visual content, infographics will not just deliver more backlinks to your site. It is an effective means to improve your search engine rankings and increase readership numbers as well.

rankingsIf it is about Creativity, This Content got That!

If you want to increase the links you generate and improve your rankings, you need to keep one thing in mind – and that’s to create fresh, original, useful and creative content. Infographics is not only compelling because of the fact that it visually engages the mind, but it also tells stories which readers can grasp at just a glance. Experts say that infographics are even better in telling stories than the usual text-based content. Also, it is among the best ways you can get people’s attention and have influential people and companies use them. You only need to ensure to create a quality one.

Visually Informative

Most content found on the web today are text-based. But online marketers understand that not all industries are penetrable with such content. Good for those in the industries that can provide and engage their market through informative text. So, how about those complex industries, like High Frequency Trading? How can they engage potential clients through content while also meeting the industry’s high standard? One highlight you should know about infographics is it can penetrate industries that traditional content cannot.

Such visual content works well in presenting statistics as well. This is beneficial because as what experts said, it is hard for the human brain to process such type of information. One proven way to deal with this is by using visual aids, which is what infographics are. In addition to its power to engage, visual information tend to get shared more than text and offers great potential to go viral. Both of which bring positive results to your link building efforts.

Timeless Assets

This is the best part of using infographics to build links. It does not only bring a one-time result. You will still keep getting shares even months after publishing it, especially if it reaches your target audience at the right time. By then, you will have assets that will bring you continuous shares for a long term.

All these only prove that visual information is no longer just a standard means of helping people better understand data. They now also serve as an important tool in link building and the online marketing industry. One that businesses should not think twice of including in their marketing campaigns to maximize their online efforts. So take advantage of that embed feature available on websites and copy-paste your infographic’s embed code to start! Let others share your visual content while you get the credit you deserve.